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Treatment Solutions to Obesity and Body Fat


Obesity is a type of condition where the body stores excess fat leading to a number of health risks. In most cases, a person is considered obese when their body weight is 20% more than the normal weight of people of the same gender and height. While most people understand the dangers that obesity pose, health and nutrition experts are unable to tell the exact causes of this condition. As a result, there has been a wide range of various remedies, advice and treatments for obese patients, most of which are very conflicting. In this respect, knowing the importance and side effects of different treatment methods available can go a long way in helping an individual solve this problem.


Most obese people prefer to take the easy route by simply taking drugs meant for weight loss. Six pounds is the average number of pounds that a person using popular medications can lose in a year. Alongside these disappointing figures and a heavy bmi, those who use weight loss drugs are also at risk or suffering from gastrointestinal side effects. In addition to that, some doctors are concerned that the use of such drugs could have effects on the kidney. Meridia, for instance, was recently withdrawn due to concerns that it may affect the cardiovascular system of a person. Obese people are advised to avoid weight-loss drugs for a number of reasons, with the numerous side effects they have couple with the fact they show slow results being some of them.



For short-term weight loss, patients are highly advised to try bariatric surgery. The two approaches used here involve decreasing stomach size and intestine length reduction. For severe obesity, the most effective method for long-term weight loss is surgery where patients can lose up to 25% within 10 years. However, the cost of weight-loss surgery is quite expensive and there are many complications associated with this process.


An effective way of treating obesity involves modifying the patient's diet as well as encouraging them to exercise a lot. Unfortunately, most person who decide to do this stick to the recommended diet only for a short time before slipping back to the old poor eating habits after they've lost some weight. Instead, one should focus on maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Interestingly, these are the same bad habits that led to these people gaining weight.


Whether yours is a short-term or long term goal, only proper dieting and lots of exercise can guarantee results. Most importantly, transiting to a healthier lifestyle is actually easy than most people think once you have the right information to guide you in making the right choices. You may browse over here at HealthStatus.com for some helpful guides in making the right choices. Unfortunately, a good number of people are unwilling to learn different ways in which they can improve their personal health.  To such kind of people, the only viable weight-loss treatment would be surgery.

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