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Signs of Obesity and Body Fat


There are various signs of obesity that exist, and these tend to go beyond the weight of the affected person. Obesity usually causes different symptoms, and these are related and result from people having a lot of body fat. Physical discomfort and exertion are some of the outward characteristics that obese people might show, and they might also be experiencing different health problems related to weight. One of the most obvious signs of obesity is usually excess body fat. For people to be classified as obese, they should have a body mass index that is above 30. The ratio between the weight and the height of a person is the number that makes up the BMI. A BMI of more than 30 can be found in very fit and muscular people since they have heavy muscles. A person should have an accumulation of body fat in large amounts for him or her to be considered obese.


The most notable signs of obesity are usually the physical characteristics of this condition. A person with obesity and excess body fat is likely to have a large abdominal circumference. For you to be able to know if you are obese, try our body fat calculator. These people are also likely to become overheated or to perspire under what are non-strenuous activities. This is normally due to the insulating effects caused by body fat and the extra exertion that they need to move. In most cases, the heat, friction and moisture might cause rashes or soreness in areas that have large folds of skin. Some of the signs of obesity include diseases. Many obese people suffer from diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes. Sleep apnea and snoring are other common indications of obesity and body fat. With weight gain, it becomes difficult for people to breathe normally as they sleep. Fatigue and lack of energy are usually caused by problems with sleeping and the exertion that is needed for movement.


There are different forms of stress that the body of an obese person is put under, which people who have lower body weight do not deal with. Muscle and joint pain can be frequent because of the effort of the body to support the additional body weight. Some obese people tend to suffer from muscle fatigue and weakness. A person having a heavy body mass might have problems walking and standing for long periods and he or she might experience a lack of cardiovascular endurance that is needed for the completion of various tasks. Obese people are likely to add more weight because they lack cardiovascular energy and endurance. Apart from this, they might suffer discouragement and bad experiences when they are trying to exercise since they might find some exercises not only unpleasant but also impossible to do.

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